Party Bus Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Rent an Arlington Party Bus Rental?

Looking to rent a party bus in Arlington for your next big night out or special event? At Arlington Party Bus Company, we know that cost is a key factor as you plan your perfect celebration. Party bus prices can vary based on the size of your group, the amenities you want, and other important details. To help you estimate how much your Arlington party bus rental might cost, we’ve created this guide. Read on to learn about the factors that influence party bus pricing, see some pricing examples, and get tips to keep your costs affordable. And when you’re ready to get a free custom quote, call us anytime at 1-434-338-7957.

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Party Bus Prices: How Much Does It Cost To Rent an Arlington Party Bus Rental?

Average Hourly Rates for Arlington Party Bus Rentals

Party bus prices in Arlington, Virginia, can vary depending on the size and luxury of the bus, the season, and holidays. For example, a 10-passenger bus might cost $150-$250 per hour, while a 14-passenger bus might cost $150-$300 per hour. Prices can range from $155 to $325+ per hour.

What Impacts the Cost of a Party Bus Rental?

The final price of your party bus depends on several variables. As you plan your event and start budgeting, keep these key factors in mind:

Group Size

The number of passengers in your group is one of the biggest influences on your total rental cost. Each of our party buses has a maximum capacity. If your headcount exceeds that number, you’ll need to rent a second vehicle. When determining which party bus to book, add up your total passengers and select a vehicle that fits everyone comfortably without unneeded extra space. A 40-passenger party bus costs more per hour than a 20-passenger bus. So if you only have 18 people, the smaller vehicle will save you money.


The more amenities you want for your party bus, the more your rental will cost. Basic amenities like sound systems and dance lights may be included, but extras like bars, TVs, or restrooms will increase rates. Tell us your must-have features when booking.


Most party bus rentals are charged by the hour. The majority of companies have a 3 or 4 hour minimum rental period on nights and weekends. You’ll select your start and end times when booking. The longer you rent the party bus, the higher the total cost will be. It’s always smart to overestimate your end time, so you aren’t stuck paying hourly overage fees if your event runs late. Our team can modify your reservation if plans change.


Party bus demand spikes in spring/summer (prom season) and around major holidays. If you’re flexible on dates, aim for a winter weekday to get lower rates. If you must rent during peak times, book well in advance to get the best pricing.

Mileage & Destinations

Most party bus rentals are priced by the hour. However, some companies may charge per mile if your trip covers an exceptionally long distance. Discuss mileage costs with your reservation specialist when booking if your party bus route will take you far outside Arlington. Also, certain destinations like sporting events or concerts may come with surcharges during high traffic times or require parking fees that contribute to your total cost.

Time of Day

Party bus demand surges at night, especially on weekends and during peak seasons like spring and summer. Because of this, hourly rental rates often go up after 6 p.m. Fridays through Sundays. If you can arrange your party bus for daytime hours or start earlier in the evening before prime time rates kick in, you may save some money.

Driver Gratuity

It’s customary to tip your party bus driver 15-20% of your total rental cost. Some companies include gratuity in their pricing, while others do not. Confirm when you book if driver tip is included or if you should come prepared with cash.

Realistic Price Examples for Arlington Party Bus Rentals

To give you a realistic idea of costs, here are estimated quotes for popular party bus rentals in Arlington:

Bachelorette Wine Tour

A bachelorette party of 14 guests booked a 22 passenger bus for a 6 hour winery tour. The bus picked up the group in Ballston, then stopped at three local wineries in Loudon County. The bus took care of transportation so the group could relax and enjoy tastings.

Total with taxes and fees: $1,850

Birthday Bar Crawl

To celebrate a 30th birthday, the guest of honor rented a 20 passenger bus for a 5 hour bar crawl for her 25 closest friends. The bus made stops at Clarendon Ballroom, Whitlow’s, Spider Kelly’s, and Don Tito’s to keep the party going all night long.

Total with taxes and fees: $1,725

Graduation Party Bus

A high school senior rented a 40 passenger party bus to pick up graduates from three different homes in Arlington, then cruise around celebrating freedom from finals before heading to dinner at Guarapo in Courthouse. The new grads had the bus for 4 hours to commemorate the end of school.

Total with taxes and fees: $1,850

Bachelor Party Bar Hopping

A groom-to-be booked a 35 passenger party bus for his bachelor party, picking up 10 guys from their downtown hotel before hitting up Arlington bars like Clarendon Ballroom, Don Tito, and Whitlow’s. The party bus was the perfect transportation for 5 hours of bar hopping.

Total with taxes and fees: $1,925

When you’re ready to ride for your big Arlington event, give us a call at 1-434-338-7957. Our team is happy to provide a personalized quote with any special requests or needs accommodated upfront, so you can relax and get the party started! With competitive rates and five-star service, Arlington Party Bus Company aims to exceed expectations and make planning your group transportation easy and fun.